• Radiators

    20% of retail

  • A/C Condensers

    20% of retail

  • Bumper Assembly

    10% of retail

  • All Headlights

    $20 each

  • Assorted Fenders

    10% of retail

  • Exterior Door Handles

    $5 each

  • Taillights

    $10 each

  • Grilles

    $10 each

  • Mirrors

    $10 each

  • Assorted Lights

    10% of retail

These prices are good for the new after market stock located in our Truck Mart location.
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One of the best ways to get to know an area is by driving around and exploring. There are a thousand things to do up here, but until you get in your vehicle and put a few miles behind you, you'll never know what it is you’re missing. If you’re travelling through Alberta, stop in at Harry's Auto Wrecking in Grande Prairie and say hello. We hope to see you soon!

Travel Photos
Wherever you’re traveling, we at Harry's Auto Wrecking wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. Take a look at some pictures from our travels over the years both locally and all over the world:
Up here
All over

Harry’s Auto Wrecking
Northern Alberta's largest auto wrecker. Stop in before you head up the Alaska Highway, we can answer most of your questions about your trip and supply the parts you will need to get there and back.

Harry's Auto Wrecking is proud to be Alberta's first Certified Automotive Recycler passing strict business, health & safety and environmental standards.

Mile "0" Sign Post
Visit the Mile "0" Sign Post in downtown Dawson Creek. Get your picture taken before your trip up and once again after you get back. I bet you're smiling more on the second picture! The sign post is in the middle of the intersection of 10th Street and 102nd Avenue.

Liard River Hot Springs
Located at mile 496 of the Alaska Highway, these hot springs are very popular with travelers. After a short half-mile walk to the hot springs from the campsite area, you get a chance to soak in pools of various temperatures, surrounded by local flora and fauna. This is one stop you have to make, and best of all, it's free!

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest
Need to stretch those legs at mile 635? Take a walk around the more than 30,000 posted signs at the corner of the Alaska Highway and the Robert Campbell Highway. You're sure to find one from your home town. If not, post one of your own.

Frantic Follies in Whitehorse
When in Whitehorse you must take time to enjoy the Frantic Follies. This makes for a well spent evening of entertainment, but phone ahead for tickets at (867) 668 2042 or you'll miss it. Most shows are filled to capacity, and for good reason. This Vaudeville revue is 1 ½ hours of pure Yukon fun. Over 800,000 visitors can't be wrong. The show is located at 2nd Avenue and Wood Street. (Sorry no picture, having too much fun, next trip up)

Dawson City
Take several days to rediscover the Klondike in Dawson City. It's not just the restored shops and houses, it's also the feel of the Klondike once you get here. I can't describe it, but it will draw you back, time and time again. Thousands of people return every year, they seem to be drawn back here like bugs drawn to light. Could it be the people, the land, the challenge or could it still be the gold? While you’re here, visit Klondike Kate's Restaurant for good food and good prices.

Top of the World Highway
This road is rough, narrow, steep and winding, with very few guardrails, no place to pull over and the speed is recommended at 40 km/h (25 mph). So why go? The scenery is awe inspiring and worth the inconveniences of all the fore mentioned hazards. Oh, plus you get a chance to see beautiful downtown Chicken Alaska (see picture). This route is not on the edge of the world, but if you dare take your eyes off the road, you can see the edge from here.

Bed & Breakfasts
Gold isn't the treasure of the Yukon or Alaska, the true treasure of the North is in its citizens. If you have never tried a bed and breakfast, up here is the place to try it. We have spent several nights at various bed and breakfasts, around the Yukon and Alaska. Every one was totally different from the last one, but each was wonderful! Book early and enjoy true northern hospitality. (Try either Historic Skagway Inn Bed and Breakfast or Turn of the Century Brothel.)

White Pass Railroad
You know the history of this area and have seen the pictures. Now go see for yourself, and learn firsthand what Klondikers had to endure, all while following their dreams of gold. The trip on this railroad is a little pricey, but it's well presented and a slice of history you will not soon forget.


Keep an eye out for:
  • Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake, all you can eat breakfast
  • 5 Finger Rapids (pictured) 
  • Historic Dredge #4 located up Bonanza Creek
  • Dawson City Walking Tour (very informative, yet fun)
  • Robert Service Show (get taken back a hundred years)
  • Commissioner's Residence (restored and kept by Parks Canada, Impressive)
  • Some of the bed and breakfasts we have enjoyed were Skagway Inn B&B, Off the Road House B&B in Tok, Country Cabin B&B in Whitehorse and White Ram B&B in Dawson City.

Sign Post
The Sign Post at the edge of the Arctic Circle (On Dempster Highway heading up to Inuvik.)

Redfern Lake Trail
Pictured are a couple of the quads making the 80 km trip into Redfern Lake Provincial Park. It is a challenge for both quad and rider alike. If you break down it could be a day or two before you see anyone else. Well worth the experience!

Machu Picchu, Peru
One of the new 7 Wonders of the World and built in 1450-1460. It is worth all the effort it takes to get there. Planes, trains and buses add to the experience.

Note * Since we have been there (pre-2010), the Urubamba River wreaked havoc around Agua Caliente, but the wonderful Peruvians we met there were a hardy bunch and hopefully visits to Machu Picchu are back to normal.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico
If rest and relaxation is your thing, it is tough to beat the Mayan Riviera off the east coast of Mexico. Great accommodations as well as good food will keep you coming back to this area. Visit the local cenotes and other attractions just to build up your appetite and then party the night away.

Conway Wales
It's a bit out of the way, but how many times can you say I've seen a house that was the smallest house in any one country? We can! It is just 7 feet wide and lived in by a local fisherman. To get the scale right, look at the garbage can to the left of the house. It has 2 floors and only goes back as far as the bricks next to it.

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
The Giant's Causeway is in Northern Ireland and is one of the treasured places that you don't have to tell the kids not to touch. Over 40,000 basalt columns were formed by an ancient volcano and are so close together that they hold water. This is Mother Nature at her finest.

Note: From the top of the hill, pay the 2 pounds to get a ride down and back up, unless you are in great shape. I consider it the best money I spent in the British Isles.

Stonehenge, England
Went to experience the summer solstice, but on that morning the clouds and rain spoiled the party. We were glad we went the day before just to get the lay of the land and ended up taking this picture then. We were surprised that something so famous was located in such a common space. We just came around a corner and there it was. When you realize what they had to do to build this site where it is, it's even more awe inspiring.

Shambles in York, England
If you feel like traveling back in time over 500 years to medieval England, this is the place to visit. It is the winner of the first ever Google Street View Award, and if you think of all the streets in the world they could choose from, you know this is one awesome street. Like any good location, pictures have a hard time capturing the feeling you'll get.

Goathland, England
The home of Heartbeat, the British TV series I fell in love with. It was everything I expected and more. Just to see and stay in the village which I was so familiar with made it one of my best places to visit. There is beautiful scenery all around. This picture is of the local train station on the North York Moors Railway. If you have seen the first Harry Potter movies, this is the Hogsmeade station that is shown.

Scara Brae, Orkney Island, Scotland
This is regarded as one of Europe's best monuments. It is an UNESCO world heritage site and dates back to the Neolithic Period of around 3200 B.C. This is about 650 years older that the pyramids in Egypt. These homes would have had a turf roof over them but are now open to the elements and visitors alike. On a side note, the Orkney Island is home to the biggest cows we have ever seen.

Arlington Row, Bilbury, England
One of the most photographed locations in the Cotswold area. If you are a fan of old architecture and planning, this is the place to visit. We were there and the locals were having a garden tour, fundraising by letting tourists wander through their yards to raise money for their community. Bring a GPS because sometimes the roads are measured in yards (meters) not miles (kilometers) to the next corner.

Warwick Castle, Warwick, England
A castle so well preserved it felt like it belonged in Disneyland

Highlights for us were the haunted tower where you couldn't tell the wax figures from the real ones. A real scream for the girls! We also enjoyed the trebuchet and the falconry demonstration which were just outside of the castle wall. There were also free range peacocks roaming around the grounds. This is a great way to spend the day with the family with something for everyone.

Old Bridge, Between Jeffersonville and Woodstock NY, USA
Sometimes when you travel and aren't looking for anything in particular, you come across a picture that needs taking. I had visited the Woodstock site and was headed back to Binghamton when I can across this bridge and had to take a picture of it. Who says there isn't great scenery in the state of New York.

Spirit Island, Jasper Park, Canada
We took a boat cruise 3 hours down Maligne Lake to Spirit Island on a cold overcast day. There are lots of people that take this trip to the island and they usually have a warm summer day to take their picture, but I tried to show the beauty of the Canadian Rockies when you have a typical cool Canadian overcast fall day.

El Castillo at Chichen Itza, Mexico
Another one of the new 7 Wonders of the World that I had to visit on a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This is the standard picture of Chichen Itza but there is so much more to see there, you would need a couple of days to do it justice. Bring water as it can get hot for us Canadians there.

Area 51
After visiting all the great places that I've had the privilege to see, this picture seems out of place. It is the famous black mailbox from Area 51 in Nevada. We took the daylong tour to Area 51 and had more questions when we were done than when we started. The famous "black" mailbox, which in fact is painted white, sums up the day. The movie "Paul" highlights our trip. A must do for true UFO believers!

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